Many hands make light work

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the mountains, there was a man named Jack. Jack was a farmer who had a large field that needed to be plowed before he could plant his crops. He knew it would be a difficult task to do on his own, but he didn’t have any help.

One day, Jack had an idea. He went to his neighbor, Tom, and asked if he could lend a hand. Tom agreed, and together they began to plow the field. As they worked, another neighbor, Sarah, saw what they were doing and came to help. Soon, more and more people from the village came to lend a hand, and before long, the field was plowed in no time at all.

Jack was amazed at how quickly the work was done with so many people helping. He realized that the adage “Many hands make light work” was true. When everyone worked together, the task became much easier and more enjoyable.

From that day on, Jack made it a point to help others in the village whenever he could. He knew that by working together, they could accomplish great things.

Difficult words:

  1. Nestled – placed in a snug or sheltered position
  2. Plowed – turned over and prepared for planting





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