Blood is thicker than water.

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the mountains, there lived two brothers, named Tom and Jack. They were very close and did everything together, from plowing the fields to herding the sheep. They were so close that everyone in the village called them “the twins,” even though they were born two years apart.

One day, a terrible drought struck the village. The crops withered and died, and the sheep grew thin and weak. The villagers were desperate for water, but the nearest well was miles away. Tom and Jack decided to do something about it.

They set out on a long journey to find a new source of water. They walked for days through the hot, dry mountains, until they came to a deep, dark cave. Inside the cave, they found a hidden spring, bubbling up from the earth. They filled their canteens and started back to the village.

But on the way back, disaster struck. Jack slipped on a loose rock and fell down a steep slope. He landed hard on his leg and couldn’t stand up. Tom tried to help him, but he couldn’t lift him alone. They were stranded in the mountains, with no food, no water, and no way to call for help.

Days passed, and Jack’s leg grew worse. He was feverish and delirious with pain. Tom knew he had to do something, or his brother would die. So he made a difficult decision: he left Jack behind and went back to the village alone.

When he arrived, he told the villagers what had happened. They organized a search party and set out to find Jack. They searched for days, until they finally found him, weak and dehydrated, but alive. They carried him back to the village, where he slowly recovered.

Years later, when Tom was an old man, he told his children and grandchildren the story of how he had left his brother behind. He told them that he had never regretted his decision, because family always comes first. “Blood is thicker than water,” he said. “And there’s nothing more important than family.”

Difficult words:

  • nestled: located in a cozy or sheltered position
  • plowing: turning over soil in preparation for planting crops
  • adage: a traditional saying that expresses a general truth or piece of advice





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